Tuesday, March 2, 2010

QACC Meeting Agenda - 3/3/2010


March 3, 2010 at 7:30 pm

McClure Middle School

7:30-Adoption of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Treasurer’s Report

7:35: Green Scapes

7:50: SR 520 – Ted Lane, MontlakeCC chair

8:05: Sparks Grant, Bag Share- Margaret Okamoto

8:10: Mini Mart 3rd W and McGraw – John Nicon

8:40: Tim Prouty

8:45: Committee Reports
Parks Don Harper
Communication Michael Lapin
NAC Kirk Robbins, Jim Smith, Ron Mason,  Don Harper
Transportation John Coney
LURC/Planning Craig Hanway
District Council Mike Warren
Social Issues Kirk Robbins
Police & Crime Allan Panich

9:20- New Business


Meeting Notices
QACC: April 7 7:30 TBA
Parks Committee: March 9, QACC, 7:30
LURC/Planning: March 15, QACC, 7:00
Transportation: March 24, QACC, 7:00
NAC: March 17, Port Headquarters
District Council: March 8, 7pm, NSC

For an easy link to the meeting agenda click here.

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