Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter re: Parks Budget




May 15, 2010

Council member Sally Bagshaw

Chair, Parks Committee

Dear Council member Bagshaw.

The Queen Anne community Council would like to express our support to limiting reductions to the Parks Department during the impending cuts to the 2010 and 2011-2012 city budgets.

The Parks department has been a good steward of city funds and has continuously adapted staffing and facities levels to address changes in economic conditions. It is unlikely the department will escape the budget axe. But consideration should be given to the reductions made to date by this division. Parks is the only Department within the city that has fewer manages on staff in 2010 than in 2002. These reductions were made during a time of significant growth when the department added new parks (42) as well as additional acreage (75) and community center square footage (~250,000).

Parks and park facilities are essential to the well being of all city residents regardless of age, cultural background, income, religion, or mobility. Citizens of this city show an ongoing commitment and love for parks and parks programs by continuing to vote for parks levies regardless of economic conditions.

The Queen Anne Community Council urges the Seattle City Council to fully fund maintenance of existing Parks and complete improvements already approved.

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