Monday, July 19, 2010

Mike Cechvala on Bus Stops

You recently contacted King County Metro Transit about the Route 3+4 corridor stop spacing project. Metro will increase the stop spacing by removing closely spaced bus stops along the corridor in order to improve schedule reliability, reduce energy consumption, and reduce Metro's operating cost.

After considering input from transit riders, some changes have been made to the plan. These changes include:

Taylor Ave N at Galer St and Garfield St: The northbound stop at Galer St and the southbound stop at Garfield St will remain open.

E Cherry St at 33rd and 34th Avenue: The eastbound stop on E Cherry St at 33rd Ave and the southbound stop on 34th Ave and E Cherry St will remain open.

These changes will go into effect on June 26, 2010. The Route 3+4 stop spacing project website ( and rider alerts are up to date. If you use a stop that will be closed, please refer to the rider alert that is posted at the stop for alternative boarding locations.

Mike Cechvala PE

King County Department of Transportation

Transit Route Facilities


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