Friday, October 8, 2010

Fwd: Queen Anne Community Center - Gym

My Friends and Fellow Community Council Members,

We all signed up to become volunteers because we believed and cared
about the Queen Anne Community. Every person has a individual cause,
and the potential closure of the Queen Anne Gym is an issue that
personally effects me and the people of Queen Anne. I feel the need to
do more as a resident and educate my neighbors and friends about the
mayor's proposed cut.

After our meeting on Wednesday, I put together the follow call to
action and asking you as residents to take action.

This is not letter from the community council that we spoke about in
our meeting. Separately, I will work with Ellen to prepare and letter
that will come from us as a team.

Any time, effort that you can give to the cause will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for you consideration,

Join the Facebook Group: Save the Queen Anne Gym!

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