Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fwd: December Agenda, QACC

I have attached the December QACC agenda.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fwd: Port of Seattle North Bay Tank Farm

For those interested in the North Bay Tank Farm I have attached the Final SEPA  Determination.  

Thank you.
Don Harper
QACC Parks Chair
#(206) 281-9018
Fax #(206) 281-4054

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fwd: QACC Transportation Committee

There will be no Transportation Committee meeting this Wednesday as it would be on the eve of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Glenn Avery

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fwd: No LURC/Planning Meeting

The Land Use Review/Planning Committee will not meet in November – things continue to be slow around the hill. The normal meeting for Monday, November 15th is cancelled.


Craig Hanway

Chair, QACC LURC/Planning

Fwd: QACC Parks Agenda

The Queen Anne Community Council Parks Committee will meet at 7:30 PM Tuesday, November 9th..  The meeting will be at the Queen Anne Community Center located at 1901 First Ave W.  

Please find the agenda and last month's draft meeting minutes attached.

Thank you
Don Harper
QACC Parks Chair
#(206) 281-9018
Fax #(206) 281-4054

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FW: Fwd: Queen Anne Community Center Funding

From: Kohl-Welles, Sen. Jeanne<Kohl-Welles.Jeanne@leg.wa.gov>
Date: Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 12:38 PM
Subject: Queen Anne Community Center Funding
To: "mike.mcginn@seattle.gov" <mike.mcginn@seattle.gov>, "richard.conlin@seattle.gov" <richard.conlin@seattle.gov>, "sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov" <sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov>, "tim.burgess@seattle.gov" <tim.burgess@seattle.gov>, "sally.clark@seattle.gov" <sally.clark@seattle.gov>, "jean.godden@seattle.gov" <jean.godden@seattle.gov>, "bruce.harrell@seattle.gov" <bruce.harrell@seattle.gov>, "nick.licata@seattle.gov" <nick.licata@seattle.gov>, "mike.obrien@seattle.gov" <mike.obrien@seattle.gov>, "tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov" <tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov>, "christopher.williams@seattle.gov" <christopher.williams@seattle.gov>
Cc: Ellen Monrad <elmonrad@gmail.com>, "Christa Dumpys (christa.dumpys@seattle.gov)" <christa.dumpys@seattle.gov>, "qaeditor@nwlink.com" <qaeditor@nwlink.com>

November 3, 2010
Dear Honorable Mayor Michael McGinn & Honorable Council President Richard Conlin:
I am writing with regard to the disturbing news that your office is proposing to all but close the Queen Anne Community Center.  I'm sure you know I understand very well the dire budget situations we both face in the City and the State, but I must speak strongly against any plans to reduce services and hours for this facility that is so vital to my district and the Queen Anne community. 
Over 60 years ago, the Queen Anne Fieldhouse was specifically built by the City as the center for community to gather, organize, and recreate.   All these decades since, generations of Queen Anne residents have used that space intensively, and anyone who has lived here long enough has many fond memories of times within its walls.  Today, the center is still used to capacity, and remains a vibrant and essential part of this neighborhood.  If you are unsure, drop in anytime the center is open.  Look around at the activity and ask the people there how much they use the facilities and what it means to them.  It means a lot—our community has opened a "Save Queen Anne Gym" Facebook page and gathered over 1000 signatures on the petition to save our center. 
My office continues to receive calls from distressed constituents, all hoping there is something I can do.  But it is in your hands.  As I stated, I understand as well as anyone how difficult these times are and how many difficult and unpopular decisions need to be made.  This should not be one of those decisions.  The decision here needs to be a renewed and firm commitment to funding and staffing for this Queen Anne community institution.  However, if indeed reductions are made, then I strongly believe you should be equitable in your decision-making and spread such reductions among all the community centers in the City.  In times like these, a community needs its backbone and its heart.  The Queen Anne Community Center is exactly that for us.
    Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Chair - Senate Labor, Commerce & Consumer Protection Committee
36th Legislative District
Washington State Senate
(360) 786-7670      (206) 281-6854
Cc:   Hon. Sally Bagshaw                                                                                                                Hon. Bruce Harrell
Hon. Tim Burgess                                                                                                             Hon. Nick Licata
Hon. Sally Clark                                                                                                                 Hon. Mike O'Brien
Hon. Jean Godden                                                                                                          Hon. Tom Rasmussen
Christopher Williams, acting Superintendent of Parks & Recreation

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fwd: QA Materials Update

All -

As you all know, we have saved the gym but now we need to SAVE the
Community Center! Tina has posted an update on Facebook and we wanted
to rewrite the hand-out to focus on the new proposal by the Parks and
ask residents to call / email Councilmembers. This will be placed in
the Community Center and Pat will have a packet to handout.

Please review and hand out to your circles.

Also, there was story in the Seattle PI that was posted on facebook
about the Parks department.

Today is a big election day and many council members
waiting to see if the budget gets tighter.

Michael Lapin
(206) 283-0664 - home
(206) 310-3448 - cell

Fwd: QACC November agenda

The November agenda is attached.  See you this evening.