Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fwd: Transportation Advocacy Day in Olympia - your chance to speak directly to your state representatives and senator about the issues you have with transportation in Uptown


Make Your Voice Heard in Olympia: Sign Up for Transportation Advocacy

Uptown Alliance continues to participate in this day of meetings in
Olympia with our State Representatives, Mary Lou Dickerson, and Reuven
Carlyle, plus our State Senator, Jeanne Kohl-Wells.

With the pending budget crisis it will not be an easy year in Olympia,
that is why your voice is more important than *EVER**!* This session we
will focus on a wide range issues from preventing more draconian cuts
to transit service to making our streets safer for cyclists and

Please join us[

]for Transportation Advocacy Day on February 10th in Olympia to ensure
that your voice is heard. You can sign up for Transportation Advocacy


*WHEN: February 10, 2011, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
WHERE: United Churches, 110 11th Avenue SE, Olympia*

Similar to years past we will meet as a large group in the morning and
spend the afternoon meeting with legislators. This year we are going to
dedicate more time to breakout sessions in small groups so you can get
all the detailed information you need to successfully lobby on our 2011
priorities. Additionally, we will be offering a Lobbying 101 role-play
opportunity at our breakout sessions to prepare you for your afternoon
meetings with legislators.

There is TOO MUCH at stake this year and that's why we need YOUR HELP
to fight for Transportation Choices on February 10th in Olympia.* ** [


There will be a car pool arrangement through Transportation Choices.
And there is an early train to Olympia and a return train.

*Please Join Us! [


John Coney, Co-Pres Uptown Alliance 283-2049
Andrew Austin
Field Director
Transportation Choices Coalition 329-2336

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