Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fwd: Uptown Triangle neighborhood planning presentation: Thurs. noon @ GGLO, north side of Harbor Steps

This Thursday at noon Craig Hanway and John Coney will present the
recommendations of the recent planning Charrette for the Uptown
Triangle.  These blocks bounded by Denny, Broad, and Aurora will become
much more accessible after the deep bore tunnel north portal street
realignments are completed in 2016.

The presentation is at the GGLO
Architecture space which is located on the north side of Harbor Steps
(across from SAM on 1st Ave. downtown.)  The glass doors are 1/4 of the
way down the steps from 1st.

The goal of the recommendations is to
encourage the probable redevelopment of these blocks into a more
residential, family-oriented, transit-served, bike and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

It will be important to hear comments at this time.

For further
details contact John Coney,206/283-2049

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