Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fwd: FW: FOLKpark event - this weekend!


Wow! Today we set up a really cool red picnic table that folds into a suitcase, a men's tuxedo and vintage wedding dress . . .cashmere sweaters . . .children games . . .a real wood Davis tennis racket . . .beautiful suede roller skates  - our neighborhood has really brought the goods! Be sure to come by early Friday, 2/26 to get first picks. We open @ 4 pm and then again Saturday @ 11am.
We still need a few more good souls to help out next weekend at the rummage sale. Call Jean at (206) 206-283-6140 and get on the schedule!

Sale Location:  512 – 514 1st Ave North between Mercer and Republican in Uptown
Did you know that you can donate to FOLKpark online?  Click HERE <>  to get to our PayPal site!  Every $10, $25, $100 or more helps us with our $50,000 matching requirement for the City grant.  (You may see the name Seattle Peace Theatre on the site . . . they are our fiscal sponsor and all funds donated come directly to FOLKpark). <>

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Michael Lapin
(206) 283-0664 - home
(206) 310-3448 - cell

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