Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Message from QA Community Council

(This message was e-mailed to a wide list of recipients on Nov. 23, 2016.)

In the past several weeks, communities across our nation have seen a distressing increase of hate crimes.  Seattle has been no exception.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, the Queen Anne Community Council affirms our desire to make Queen Anne a safe neighborhood for everyone, regardless of religion, origin, sexuality or ethnicity.  We support Mayor Murray's  desire to be "guided by equality and inclusiveness and openness."

We, as a strong and vibrant community, embrace the diversity of all our residents and cherish the strength that a multicultural neighborhood brings.  Narratives of hate and fear hurt all of us and damage the fabric of trust and respect that makes our country great.

The Queen Anne Community Council Board

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

No Transportation Meeting This Month

The QACC Transportation Committee's next meeting will be Jan. 25, 2017.

No Public Safety Meeting this Month

There will be no QACC Public Safety Committee meeting this month because of the holidays.

Robert Kettle
Chairman, QACC Public Safety Committee

Sunday, December 18, 2016

News of the Positive Decision on our Appeal to Demand an EIS from the City Council

A Message from Martin Kaplan:

On behalf of our Queen Anne Community Council, I’d like to thank you, along with thousands of new neighborhood friends from all around our city, for your gratitude and incredible support. 

Remember this is only the beginning!

This morning’s dramatic editorial by The Seattle Times Editorial Board tripled the impact of my morning coffee!  The message firmly addressed our critical cause and challenges each of us to not only consider our rights as Seattleites but also to embrace our interests with enthusiasm and act to affect change while holding City Hall accountable. 

Today’s Editorial:  The Seattle Times Editorial Board
In my opinion, the Hearing Examiner’s Decision on Tuesday powerfully supported our position as outlined in our appeal;  that ideology and governance by proclamation will not work in Seattle and ignoring facts and the public voice while favoring one narrow group at the expense of the greater good will have consequences.  Many feel there has been a paradigm shift down at City Hall where your opinion and those of your neighbors and communities are no longer heard or considered.  This shift is antithetical to Seattle's long history of community involvement in city governance. 

The Decision

We will stand together and pursue the next steps as Mayor Ed Murray and Councilmember Mike O’Brien make their decision moving ahead pursuant to the appeal decision.

Thanks so much again, and even in these very heavy times, may your holidays be just that much brighter!

Queen Anne Community Council 
Land Use Review and Planning Committee (LURC)
Martin Henry Kaplan, AIA, Chair

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Full QA Council Meeting Wed. December 7

Meeting at Queen Anne Manor at 7:30. Discussion will include:

  • The 7 Way Stop near Aurora Ave. North
  • Committee Reports