List of Acronyms

  • ADU/DADU – Accessory Dwelling Unit/Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit.
  • DNS – Determination of non-significance (usually referencing a SEPA issue).
  • DNS – Domain Name Service. A service that allows web browsers to translate a web address (such as to a server that provides the web content. QACC pays a small amount of money each year to a DNS to support its web site.
  • EIS – Environmental Impact Statement
  • HALA – Housing and Affordability Agenda
  • LURC – Land-Use Review Committee, one of the committees of QACC that regularly meets.
  • NAC – Neighborhood Advisory Committee A committee advising the Port of Seattle formed of members of the Queen Anne Community Council and the Magnolia Community Club. The Committee was formed as the result of a lawsuit by neighbors over Terminal 91.
  • QACC – Queen Anne Community Council. On other websites, may be Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce
  • SDOT – Seattle City Department of Transportation
  • SEPA – State Environmental Policy Act. Recently used to refer to “determination of non-significance” challenge for city-wide zoning changes. The City Council decided that there were no environmental impacts implied by the change and QACC challenged that determination before a City examiner.
  • ST3 – Sound Transit 3, a proposal for spending on mass transit.
  • TSW – “This Stuff Works”. Cleanser targeting graffiti.
  • UDF – Uptown Design Framework, an effort to codify design constraints in the Uptown Neighborhood.
  • WSDOT – Washington State Department of Transportation

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