Police, Fire/Rescue and Emergency Preparedness Resources

Police Department

All emergencies should be reported by calling 911. The Seattle Police Department Portal contains a lot of useful information, including how to file reports on crimes, suspicious activities, missing persons. It also contains links to Maps of recent Police Reports and recent 911 Incident Responses. Information on Washington State Law Enforcement, including Crime Statistics, Sex Offender information and Victim Information can be accessed through the website of the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs.

Fire Department

The Seattle Department maintains a rich web site full of resources for residents and businesses. Fire prevention information is available, as is information on our local Fire Station #20.

Emergency Preparedness

Several Web pages provide resources to assist residents and businesses be prepared for emergencies:
Searching the Web will reveal dozens of sites offering advice on Emergency Preparedness, including the CDC (Guide to Extreme Heat), AirFiltersDelivered.com (filter out the damage), YourStorageFinder.com (storing documents), homecity.com (Disaster Safety for Renters), the HumaneSociety.org and avma.org (American Veterinarians) providing advice for your pets.