Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee strives to help make Queen Anne a safe place to live and work. It focuses on three area: crime & security, fire & resuce, and emergency preparedness.

  • Amateur Radio Basics Class - December 4, 2022 - 6 pm - online

Start learning the very basics of amateur radio operation, and how you might be able to help during disasters. Click HERE for more information.

  • Preparedness: A Lasting Legacy

The life you’ve built is worth protecting. Prepare for disasters for you and your family. This year’s national public service announcements are being developed and will be released throughout the country this September, to help get preparedness information into the hands of those who live in underserved communities.

We will post new links throughout the month that will help you learn and prepare for a disaster.

  • Emergency Hubs

    • Prep Step 1 -- Get emergency alerts: LINK

    • Prep Step 2 -- Storm season - prepare for power outages: LINK

    • Prep Step 3 -- When the ground shakes, pipes break: LINK

    • Prep Step 4 -- Mobile Apps - first aid & medical info: LINK

    • Prep Step 5 -- Fire Satety LINK

  • Emergency Preparedness Classes - September 2022: LINK

  • Sign up for emergency alerts: LINK

  • Consider specific needs of your household: LINK

  • HubCap News - July 7, 2022

Read about some of the latest findings on tsunami impacts in Seattle, and other important information to better understand the potential impacts of disasters and how to prepare.

  • SNAP - Seattle Neighbors Actively Prepare

Learn more about how to prepare for a disaster or emergency in your immediate neighborhood. Reveiw this presentation on SNAP, and contact Sophia Lopez to discuss a SNAP presentation for you and your neighbors.

  • Emergency Preparedness Presentation

Bill Fay, Queen Anne Emergency Communications Hub Captain, gave a presentation at the May meeting about some basic emergency preparedness basics. You can view the video of the presentation here:

  • Seattle University Releases 2021 SPD Micro-Community Policing Plan Reports

Seattle University conducts an annual community survey about policing and provides a report based on input from residents. You can read the report HERE, and participate in 2022 Community Police Dialogues by signing up HERE.

  • MyShake Earthquake Early Warning Now Available in Washington

Washington residents and visitors now have a way to receive a few seconds of warning before earthquake shaking arrives. This can give them time to drop, cover and hold on to protect themselves. The MyShake App, is available in Washington as of today, January 26. To learn more about the system and all the ways you can receive earthquake and other emergency alerts in Washington, visit

Public safety resources

Crime & Security

Report all emergencies by calling 9-1-1.

The Seattle Police Department Portal contains useful information, including how to file crime reports, suspicious activities, missing persons, links to Maps of recent Police Reports and recent 911 Incident Responses.

Also find information about the Block Watch program on this site.

Information on Washington State law enforcement, including crime statistics, sex offender information, and victim information can be accessed through the website of the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs.

Fire & Rescue

The Seattle Fire Department web site provides resources for residents and businesses. Fire prevention information is available, as is information on our local Fire Station #20.

Emergency Preparedness

There are many resources to assist residents and businesses in being prepared for emergencies:

Searching the web will reveal dozens of sites offering advice on Emergency Preparedness, including the CDC (Guide to Extreme Heat), (filter out the damage), (storing documents), (Disaster Safety for Renters), the and (American Veterinarians) providing advice for your pets.